Our designer

After some very rewarding years studying at Esmod in Nice and St. Martin’s College of Art in London, working for Del Pozo in Madrid and Missoni in Milan, and then being tempted by life in America as a profesor for The School of the art Institute of Chicago, Baruc went back to Madrid in the early 2000´s to create his own line, where he also started to collaborate with Hermès and Loewe, between Madrid and Paris. It’s a city he’s viewed since his childhood through the eyes of an artist — beginning with those of his father, Alberto Corazón a renowned painter, sculptor, and designer. 

Today, he has his own vision as a creator, He sold his first shirt to conductor Daniel Barenboim, who liked it so much he ordered a dozen to wear for his concerts. Since then stars quietly rush his way. He’s happy to go from a uniform as a chef’s jacket one day, to a new take on the tux the next. 

Step by step, the discreet Baruc Corazón works on perfecting his concept. Taking a simple pair of quote marks as his logo, he designs the kind of shirt that he himself likes to wear, ignoring the fluctuations and diktats that constantly rock Planet Fashion. “It’s not a fashion collection,” he says, almost apologetically. “It’s more a line of cultural tools to dress today’s world. I imagine designs that go with a timeless art of living.” 

Hence, all his designs are based on iconic garments from different parts os the world, "the ones that interest me, because these designs are universal, and last forever..."

Our Style

Baruc´s style is unique (Baruc´s exclusive collar is patented), timeless (and time-proved, as his creations havebecome a classic), and unisex. 

With a goal of designing relaxed and luxurious worldwide classics that he and his friends can wear anytime-anywhere – from the opera to the street- Baruc’s Mediterranean roots bring a refined taste to a trans-cultural Collection that fits both eastern and western mores.

Loved by a wide spectrum of customers (from Daniel Barenboim to Catherine Deneuve, Melody Gardot or Miguel Bosé), the key to the collection is the Baruc London shirt , which has had subtly evolutions into the Miami polo, the Goa kurta , the Dubai Kaftan, the Habana guayabera, or the Shanghai over-shirt.

Baruc is very appreciated for his fabrics, chosen among the most exquisite referents for each quality, and the artisanal making of his clothes. 


Our Manifesto


Find the essence that every iconic garment has in common, no matter which culture it comes from. A classic lives beyond time and space.


Men , women, a-genders, a good piece of design has to fit everybody in the world.


Clothes inspired by the sky, and designed to live on earth.