BARUC is a shirt brand dedicated to the idea of combining ethics and esthetics. And it´s about sharing.

I always wanted to design a simple iconic universal shirt.I didn´t imagine when I started that Daniel Barenboim, would be my first client. He immediately ordered a dozen to wear for this conducting performances. After him, Catherine Deneuve bought also several of them in a trip to Madrid, showing that my shirts are equally loved by men and women. Since then, a variety of  users like Serge Ibaka or María de Medeiros, Medody Gardot, Joan Manuel Serrat, Chayanne or Miguel Bosé, demonstrate that the shirt is universal and time-proof.   

Taking a simple pair of quote marks as my logo, I design the kind of shirt that I like to wear, ignoring the fluctuations and diktats that define the uncertain world of fashion. It’s not a fashion collection, It’s more a line of cultural tools to dress today’s world. I imagine designs that go with a timeless art of living.

Hence, all my designs are based on iconic garments from different parts os the world, the ones that interest me, because these designs are universal, and last forever.

The Baruc Shirt is about materials:

100% organic cotton and linen, made out of Egyptian fibers, and finished in Italy with the best expertise.

100% natural wood, mother of pearl, or bone buttons

The Baruc Shirt is about ethics in the process of manufacturing:

It is produced in a small Portuguese factory, owned by Mr. Eduardo and Mss. Maria. They have been passionately producing some of the best shirts for more than 30 years, and despite the crisis that is still affecting Portugal, they are bravely continuing to support the 30 families that depend on their worker´s salary. These are good people.

Why a Baruc shirt is a Baruc shirt

  • Baruc designed one of the very few patented collars, thought to be worn without ties, that suits both eastern and western likes. 
  • A special cufflink is included in every shirt, to be used in the two button holes of the Baruc collar. Options are silver, wood or bone. 
  • Front pocket, with a lapeled sewing.
  • Embroidered quotation marks are Baruc´s signature: embroidered on both sides of the front, protecting and highlighting the solar plexus of the wearer. 
  • Front lapel that hides the buttons, so that they don´t have to be shown every time.
  • Cuff with hide able buttons, allowing the use of cufflinks.
  • Eight stitching per millimeter, the highest precision in sewing.
  • Side opening, that makes the shirt wearable outside the waist. 


TIMELESS. My style doesn’t change every six months. It matures and evolves inspired by my experiences, not by trends.

UNIVERSAL. The design of a garment should be universal, adaptable to every culture, to every gender… to everyone.

TRUE. To think, not to imitate. My challenge as a designer is to find the paradigm of each piece I create. Starting from zero, rejecting pre-conceived ideas.